Harmax Airoller by Muzeen & Blythe

The Harmax Airoller is being put to work every day at plants just like yours across North America, increasing safety with superior trouble-free performance.

Increase safety the easy way

Replace costly forklifts or jacks and reduce risk to your workers, product and equipment with the Harmax Airoller.

Innovative. Versatile. Adaptable.

Using existing compressed air supply, the Harmax Airoller allows fingertip control for precise handling, positioning and preparation of even the largest and heaviest rolls in your plant. With the addition of unique and custom built drop stations, lift stations, turn stations and roll prep stations, your plant will become a safer and more efficient operation.

Custom made for your plant

Every Harmax Airoller is custom designed and built to the exact requirements of your plant. The units can easily be adapted to computerized handling systems. The Harmax Airoller is available as original equipment or as a conversion drop-in unit on most existing manual tracks. High quality components and a commitment to superior engineering is your assurance that the Harmax Airoller will keep working hard for years.

Built to the most demanding standards we know. Yours.

All Harmax Airoller systems are built to last and Muzeen & Blythe stand behind each system we design and install. Learn why Harmax Airoller will make a big difference in your plant. Call and discuss your plant's needs with your Harmax Airoller representative. Together we'll design the solution that will save you time, money and manpower for years to come.

Heavy Duty Carriage

The low profile carriage is made of special alloy steel built to handle the heaviest paper rolls. Custom designs are available for special needs and they are all built to the highest engineered specifications. The extra-wide stance allows stable handling of the heaviest rolls. The extra strong double rollers and reinforced track ensure a long life and a smooth ride.

The track and housing units install flush with the floor and are built to withstand clamp trucks, forklifts and other plant traffic.

The roll is squared to the track and made ready for the mill stand with no manual effort. No heavy jostling or leveraging is required reducing risk of injury and speeding up handling time.

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